Horror in the Hills


A new entry in 18thWall Productions’ Cryptid Clash! series, edited by James Bojaciuk and myself, is now available. “The Himalayan Horror”, by C.L. Werner, finds yetis brawling with Nazis, as well as a devilish canine out of nightmare.

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Vampire Women Rock! Remembering Weird Tales Writer, Everil Worrell (1893-1969)

The Sanguine Woods

I wanted to introduce you, fellow lover of “the weird”, to a long-overlooked writer of quality short fiction, Everil Worrell (1893-1969), who, beginning in 1926, was a regular contributor to Weird Tales magazine. Worrell’s perhaps most well-known story “The Canal” mixes fishermen, vampires, and murky water to make an intoxicating brew. The story first appeared in Weird Tales in December 1927; and was later made into a TV episode on Rod Serling’s popular series, Night Gallery (see end of this post).

Everil Worrell was born on November 3, 1893 in Nebraska. What was known about her life was collected in a biography written by her daughter, Jeanne Eileen Murphy, and included in the Robert Weinberg’s Weird Tales Collector in 1977.

THWRDTLSCL1977Cover of the 1977 first edition of Robert Weinberg’s Weird Tales Collector

Worrell married in 1926, and, in the same year she began regular appearances in Weird Tales. It’s…

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“The Soul of Marse Ralph”—A Ghostly Tale by Mary A. P. Stansbury, 1890

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The Soul of Marse Ralph

Mary A. P. Stansbury, 1890

First published in The New England Magazine, November 1890.

Revisiting Black Point after an interval of several years, I found that  little seaside hamlet no longer an “undiscovered country.” The familiar path to the cliffs wound past a hotel of considerable architectural pretensions, a row of smart cottages overlooked the blue waters of the bay, and our own dear, old-fashioned boarding-house had thrust out sundry awkward additions, protruding like the arms of a growing boy from the sleeves of his last year’s jacket.

But the sea, — the sea was the same! The tide ran up the gray sands in the old shining ripples, the little white-breasted sandpipers alternately advancing and retreating before it, and beyond, along the surf-beach, the splendid breakers came racing in shore, tossing their white crests in defiance of human curbing.

A crowd of bathers, in…

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Year’s Best Weird Fiction Is Here to Stay! See the New Cover & TOC from Volume 4!


The Sanguine Woods

18155983_10155272251441967_5849437947181621652_oArt: Alex Andreev. Design: Vince Haig.

Wow. It’s hard to believe it’s been FOUR years! I began following this series of anthologies with the publication of Volume One, edited by author Laird Barron. Three spectacular volumes later (links below), Undertow books, one of our favorite publishers here at The Sanguine Woods, has revealed the new cover* and the Table of Contents from Volume 4 in its annual series: Year’s Best Weird Fiction—and of course we are excited to share these with our readers!

We cannot say enough about how important it is to support publishers who are all about publishing the highest quality fiction being written today—especially independent publishers in this age of publishing monopolies and corporate marketing mayhem (remember You’ve Got Mail?)

Read more about Year’s Best Weird Fiction here…

So, please visit Michael Kelly proprietor and owner, and his team, over at Undertow; and don’t…

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