Current Read: An Exorcist Tells His Story by Father Gabriele Amorth

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A wealth of information about an often misunderstood, very important, even dangerous job…

While I usually shy away from a biased reading of any type on any topic–this seems fair enough: start here, at the Church’s perspective, since it invented the rite of exorcism, and it is the entity in charge of the official ritual; the when, where, and whether it is performed–and by whom. A mysterious and often frightening topic for many of us, I figured this one is worth the read. – SW

The book, left, and the DVD edition of the book, right.

From Amazon:

“In this powerful book, Father (Fr.) Gabriele Amorth–the Roman Catholic Church’s Chief Exorcist having performed hundreds of exorcisms over the years–tells of his many experiences doing battle with “Satan” to relieve the great suffering of people in the “grip of evil”. According to Fr. Amorth, the importance of…

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Current Read: The Ritual—A Creepy Horror Novel by Adam Nevill…Read This!!

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“This was never a place for a man to be….”

This one is really creeping me out. Lights are all on! Definitely worth your time!

Sweden, high up near the Arctic Circle, is dark with deep forests and glacier-cut valleys where some very unnatural things lurk…four old college buddies are about to find out why there are some places human beings just don’t belong.

Above, left: The Ritual has had a couple other covers (see below), but this one is my favorite; right: English author Adam Nevill.

“‘The little hands are human. Mummified. Stitched on.’ Hutch turned to Luke. In the illumination from Luke’s torch Hutch’s eyes shone. ‘Just as mad as hatters. Crosses on the walls downstairs and a bloody goat in the loft. A dead man’s hands sown on. Mixing metaphors. Lunacy. Swedish lunacy. It’s the darkness and the long nights. Send anyone mad.’”

Cool Links & Author Info

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“The Devil-Baby at Hull House”—A 1916 Essay by Jane Addams & Some Cool Links on the Story!

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CEDF499C-885B-4F2E-B381-0A636341499DChildren in line near the retaining wall at Hull House, Chicago, 1908 (Wikipedia).

The Devil-Baby at Hull House*

Jane Addams, 1916

First appeared in The Atlantic, October 1926.
*Selected by Joyce Carol Oates for The Best American Essays of the Century (Houghton Miflin, 2000).




The knowledge of the existence of the Devil Baby burst upon the residents of Hull-House one day when three Italian women, with an excited rush through the door, demanded that he be shown to them. No amount of denial convinced them that he was not there, for they knew exactly what he was like, with his cloven hoofs, his pointed ears and diminutive tail; moreover, the Devil Baby had been able to speak as soon as he was born and was most shockingly profane.

The three women were but the forerunners of a veritable multitude; for six weeks the streams of visitors from every…

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What’s on the tube? The Void Works on So Many Levels. It Really Creeped Me Out… ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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9733F498-7994-4B49-9466-6DFB61107325These creepy, crazy-as-shit cult members terrorize a small town hospital in The Void. If you see the black triangle symbol…it’s too late. (IMDb)

THIS is the stuff nightmares are made of. A “Lovecraftian” film in many ways, with its homage to cult fanaticism and xenomorphism—The Void really delivers!

The trailer, a short review, and posters (you know how I love posters!) follow. Watch this film.

But leave every light on.


I didn’t share it all, because I disagree with a lot of it. Many reviews, today, are uneducated and ill-informed; and feel “rushed through”…making use of silly, irrelevant buzzwords, like “gore fest”—which The Void is not. Oh, there’s gore. But The Void is much smarter than that.

But, I do like what Empire said here…

“The Void isn’t a horror that wears its influences on its sleeve. It’s a horror that proudly carves them into its claret-clogged chest. The…

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Vampire Women Rock! Remembering Weird Tales Writer, Everil Worrell (1893-1969)

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I wanted to introduce you, fellow lover of “the weird”, to a long-overlooked writer of quality short fiction, Everil Worrell (1893-1969), who, beginning in 1926, was a regular contributor to Weird Tales magazine. Worrell’s perhaps most well-known story “The Canal” mixes fishermen, vampires, and murky water to make an intoxicating brew. The story first appeared in Weird Tales in December 1927; and was later made into a TV episode on Rod Serling’s popular series, Night Gallery (see end of this post).

Everil Worrell was born on November 3, 1893 in Nebraska. What was known about her life was collected in a biography written by her daughter, Jeanne Eileen Murphy, and included in the Robert Weinberg’s Weird Tales Collector in 1977.

THWRDTLSCL1977Cover of the 1977 first edition of Robert Weinberg’s Weird Tales Collector

Worrell married in 1926, and, in the same year she began regular appearances in Weird Tales. It’s…

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“The Soul of Marse Ralph”—A Ghostly Tale by Mary A. P. Stansbury, 1890

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The Soul of Marse Ralph

Mary A. P. Stansbury, 1890

First published in The New England Magazine, November 1890.

Revisiting Black Point after an interval of several years, I found that  little seaside hamlet no longer an “undiscovered country.” The familiar path to the cliffs wound past a hotel of considerable architectural pretensions, a row of smart cottages overlooked the blue waters of the bay, and our own dear, old-fashioned boarding-house had thrust out sundry awkward additions, protruding like the arms of a growing boy from the sleeves of his last year’s jacket.

But the sea, — the sea was the same! The tide ran up the gray sands in the old shining ripples, the little white-breasted sandpipers alternately advancing and retreating before it, and beyond, along the surf-beach, the splendid breakers came racing in shore, tossing their white crests in defiance of human curbing.

A crowd of bathers, in…

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Year’s Best Weird Fiction Is Here to Stay! See the New Cover & TOC from Volume 4!


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18155983_10155272251441967_5849437947181621652_oArt: Alex Andreev. Design: Vince Haig.

Wow. It’s hard to believe it’s been FOUR years! I began following this series of anthologies with the publication of Volume One, edited by author Laird Barron. Three spectacular volumes later (links below), Undertow books, one of our favorite publishers here at The Sanguine Woods, has revealed the new cover* and the Table of Contents from Volume 4 in its annual series: Year’s Best Weird Fiction—and of course we are excited to share these with our readers!

We cannot say enough about how important it is to support publishers who are all about publishing the highest quality fiction being written today—especially independent publishers in this age of publishing monopolies and corporate marketing mayhem (remember You’ve Got Mail?)

Read more about Year’s Best Weird Fiction here…

So, please visit Michael Kelly proprietor and owner, and his team, over at Undertow; and don’t…

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