Gathering the gold drops…

Silver Threads & Golden Needles

8BF048AD-24A7-4FD0-8384-BE69DE7CEAA4The blogger, out wandering.

Nice nature walk today. And yesterday was snow all day long. Now this golden day. Colorado is like this in April. Listened to The Eagles. Witchy Woman. One of These Nights. Heartache Tonight. Already Gone. Thought about how earbuds have revolutionized heartbreak. Or something like that. Kicked a lot of roadside wishes goodbye. Loved sidewalks. Hated sidewalks. Made peace with some things. Like wildflowers. The memory of John Denver. And young me. Absorbed the ☀️ ‘s energy on my shoulders and was happy. Thought about living on a beach and getting old in Key West. Margaritas make great lovers … and sunsets. Thought about doing the same in the woods somewhere. But winter wind blows cold. And it’s hard to lose anything in the early part of Autumn. Loved my dad some. Lifted thanks to the sky. Thought about how much we want to be known…

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The Witch of Endor…King James Even Believed in Her!

The Sanguine Woods

8269CD6D-DDFC-4773-B4AF-35283795378E “The Witch of Endor”, detail of a painting by xx

King James wrote in his philosophical treatise Daemonologie (1597) arguing against the ventriloquist theory, stating that the Devil is permitted at times to put himself in the likeness of the Saints, citing 2 Corinthians 11:14 that Satan can transform himself into an Angel of light. James describes the witch of Endor as “Saul’s Pythonese”, likening her to Pythia from the Greek mythology of Python and the Oracle. It was the belief of James that the witch of Endor was an avid practitioner of necromancy:

“…that how soon that once the unclean spirit was fully risen, she called in upon Saul. For it is said in the text, that Saul knew him to be Samuel, which could not have been, by the hearing tell only of an old man with a mantle…But to prove this my first proposition, that there…

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“A Case of the Stubborns”—A Story of Death & Conjuring by Robert Bloch (Psycho)

Stills above are from A Case of the Stubborns, the televised episode based on Robert Bloch’s short story. It aired on December 2, 1984 as episode 9 during season 1 of Tales from the Darkside. (See link after the story…)*

When a crusty old man like Grandpa didn’t believe he was dead, it took more than medical science, and a lot less than most people would think, to convince him otherwise . . . a delightfully creepy story by the author of Psycho. 

The morning after he died, Grandpa come downstairs for breakfast.

It kind of took us by surprise.

Ma looked at Pa, Pa looked at little sister Susie, and Susie looked at me. Then we all just set there looking at Grandpa.

“What’s the matter?” he said. “Why you all staring at me like that?”

Nobody said, but I knowed the reason. Only been last night since all of us stood by his bedside when he was took by his attack and passed away right in front of our very eyes. But here he was, up and dressed and feisty as ever.

“What’s for breakfast?” he said.

Ma sort of gulped. “Don’t tell me you fixing to eat?”

“Course I am. I’m nigh starved.”

Ma looked at Pa, but he just rolled his eyes. Then she went and hefted the skillet from the stove and dumped some eggs on a plate.

“That’s more like it,” Grandpa told her. “But don’t I smell sausages?”

Ma got Grandpa some sausage. The way he dug into it, they sure was nothing wrong with his appetite.

After he started on seconds, Grandpa took heed of us staring at him again.

“How come nobody else is eating?” he asked.

“We ain’t hungry,” Pa said. And that was the gospel truth.

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Is the Stockbridge Bypass the most haunted road in England

The Haunted Place


Created to provide a quicker link between Sheffield and Manchester in the north of England, the Stocksbridge Bypass is said to be one of the most haunted roads in Europe.

There are regular reports of strange children playing in the fields at the side of the carriageway  and then they disappear,  or of figures suddenly appearing in the middle of the road. One particular sighting of this nature occurred on New Year’s Eve 1997, when a young couple had to swerve their car to avoid hitting “a figure that just appeared in the road  in front of them. Incidentally, statistics show this road to have one of the highest accident rates in the country, with many reports stating the drivers had “swerved their vehicles” to avoid hitting something in their path.

The sightings were reported as soon as construction began on the new road, with  the  local people and researchers…

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The Black Cat of KillaKee Ireland

The Haunted Place

black-cat-2560x1920-scary-yellow-eyes-dark-background-945If you ever visit Ireland you will find a beautiful country steeped in mythology and folklore from the common Leprechaun and Fairies to the Banshee and the Sluagh.

The Killakee House in Dublin gives life to one of these Legends.

Many large houses in the Dublin area have cats roaming around the grounds, hunting rats and doing whatever it is cats do all day. The Killakee House in Dublin had its own cat stalking the grounds but with one difference this cat was supernatural if it was an animal at all.

The Black Cat of Killakee is an old, creature of Irish folklore that has reportedly been sighted in the area for centuries. However, its legend really came to life in 1968, when a young couple bought the Killakee House and started renovating it. The hired workers soon reported strange noises and spooky events, the workers told the owners of the house of…

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Drawing Down—A Poem by Sanguine Woods


Drawing Down

Bequeath me sight not as it seems—
A sphere of light to capture screams;
Come, toll the word of moons and beams—
Exhume the heft of youthful dreams.

Purvey the slice that leaves no scar—
A sliver of bewitchèd glass;
A drop to stir; enflame the pall—
Un bâton rouge pour faire l’étoile.

Encerclez! thou thornèd crown—
Each pented point a waning sun;
Le sang va embrasser le sol—
And bring the circle ‘round.

(C)2018 Sanguine Woods