Take a minute today to love on your cat…

The Sanguine Woods

08EEDA60-4EB3-4168-9940-F880E1AC6070.jpegMiss Ebony Allan Poe.

A little break today from working on the book, and ghost story research, to enjoy some sunshine, some Rocky Mountain PBS, and some laptime with Ebony Allan Poe (or “Ebby” or “Baggy”, short for “Baggy Butt”—a name she got for the profusion of long hair that grows on her hind quarters that reminded us of those too-low baggy jeans the rappers of the 1990s wore, which left their rear ends hanging out 😆). She’s kind-of gotten the nickname “crazy daddy’s girl” as she tends to be drawn more to me (crazy daddy) whereas our other cat is definitely drawn to my significant other (calm & quiet daddy).

We rescued this little long-haired mix as a kitten barely old enough to be on her own; she’d been found behind a local shopping center. (She had most likely been pregnant and had been recently spade.) Her cage at the rescue…

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