Dracula…But, Have You Read the Book?

The Sanguine Woods

IMG_4195Dracula, the novel from 1897, is one of my favorite books. If you haven’t had the chance to read it, it’s filled with passages such as this one, which may have been caught visually, on film, but not with the atmosphere Bram Stoker stirs up, like cold fog. This is one of these passages. Barker is supposed to meet Count Dracula at the Borgo pass, but, the stage driver got Harker there an hour early, no doubt so he could save Harker and himself, the doom that may befall them on this night (it is May the fourth or St. George’s Day and at midnight, evil things are permitted to walk the earth unobstructed). But as we see here, the dead-undead are not easily fooled…

Jonathan Harker’s Journal, May 4…

‘When it grew dark there seemed to be some excitement amongst the passengers, and they kept speaking to him, one…

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