The Collected Ghost Stories of M. R. James

The Sanguine Woods

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The Collected Ghost Stories of M. R. James

Montage Rhodes James

“M.R. James joins the brisk, the light, & the commonplace to the weird about as well as anyone could do it—but if another tried the same method, the chances would be ten to one against him. The most valuable element in him—as a model—is his way of weaving a horror into the every-day fabric of life & history—having it grow naturally out of the myriad conditions of an ordinary environment…”

– H. P. Lovecraft in a Letter to Emil Petaja, March 1935)

tumblr_mynba2N4q11syfoijo4_500From BBC edition of James’ story, “The Tractate Middoth”.

Table of Contents

Canon Alberic’s Scrap-book
Lost Hearts
The Mezzotint
The Ash-Tree
Number 13
Count Magnus
“Oh, Whistle, and I’ll Come to You, My Lad”
The Treasure of Abbot Thomas
A School Story
The Rose Garden
The Tractate Middoth

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