Is Superstition a Bad Thing?


The “Church” says: throw your rabbit feet away or in a body of water (I’m not sure why, but the Church advises this for disposing of objects that are spiritually unsafe). Stop knocking on wood. And, refrain from crossing your fingers when you hope something good will happen. (How about folding your hands and saying a prayer?) If you cross your fingers, say a quick prayer, too. (What about crossing your legs?)

The Church recommends carrying spiritual items around with you as spiritual protection. However, using these objects or doing other pious practices with the attitude that if you do so God will automatically do what you want Him to do is a form of superstition. (Isn’t carrying your spiritual items around with you just as superstitious?) E.g., don’t go around burying your “Miraculous Medal” all over the place. You must not view your Miraculous Medal as other people view their lucky horseshoe. (Of course, not. That would be hypocritical of you.) And, the whole burying the statue of Saint Joseph upside down in your yard to guarantee that your house is a no-no.



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