Northern Frights, a Collection of Frightening Fiction from the Wild North

Great Collection of Canadian Horror Stories!

The Sanguine Woods

Screenshot_2016-03-25-16-16-00-1The newly published Northern Frights Volume One ebook, published by Canada’s Chizine Press 

Around the mid-1990s, Don Hutchison began introducinh a spine-tingling new series of short horror fiction inspired by the unique geography of the Canadian imaginative landscape. These anthologies were called Northern Frights, and ran for five editions, and a final sixth “best of Northern Frights” edition (cover images below).

Northern Frights 1 was recently republished with a brand-new beautifully creepy cover (pictured above) by Canadian indie publisher, Chizine Press (CZP); and it now available as an ebook at here:

New Northern Frights 1 ebook from Canada’s independent Chizine Press…

51kGI2V+WkL._SL1500_-1The original cover for Norhern Frights 1

“From The Man Who Cried Wolf, Robert Bloch’s classic werewolf thriller; to Garfield Reeves-Steven’s gripping story of supernatural terror in the Toronto suburbs; and Galad Elflandsson’s chilling look at horror on a snowbound highway…we invite you to bundle up with seventeen…

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