The 1921 “Syco-Graf” … a Fantastic Melding of Dial Plate and Talking Board

patent 1891

Syco-Graf or Syco-Graph – Produced by chiropractor and part-time inventor Grover Haffner, the Syco-Graf is a fantastic melding of dial plate and talking board. Haffern’s 1921 patent for the device shows it was mounted in a tall framework, the device’s rotating pointer swiveling around to point out spirit messages based on the shifting lateral movement of the faceplate, rather than the pointer itself. Due to this intricate and undoubtedly fragile framework, no functioning specimens are known to have survived, though a few of the alphabet top boards have surfaced over the years. The Syco-Graf was also featured in some early black & white film being manipulated by a crazy professor and his showgirl counterparts, befitting its Los Angeles roots.


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