Undertow Books—My Vote for the “Best Indie Press” for Smart, Creepy, High-Quality Fiction!

The Sanguine Woods


If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to hear about Undertow Publications, you’re going to be thrilled with this post!

Undertow, is a small, independent press, located in Canada, and it is one of my favorite publishers of weird fiction. As you will see below, the authors are among the best I’ve read, the tasteful cover art makes you long to frame it on the wall, and, well… A+++ from The Sanguine Woods. Please read on…

Undertow Books

Michael Kelly is the Series Editor for the Year’s Best Weird Fiction, and a World Fantasy Award, Shirley Jackson Award, and British Fantasy Award Nominee.

Read More About Michael Here…

Three of My Favorite Undertow Books, and a Fourth on the Way!

Undertow has just Introduced the cover of their upcoming short fiction collection : Year’s Best Weird Fiction, Volume Three. Which means, of course, you are behind my two…

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