The House of Nodens by Sam Gafford Available May 2nd 2017 from Dark Regions Press…


The Sanguine Woods


Dark Regions Press will be publishing the debut novel by author Sam Gafford entitled The House of Nodens. To be offered for preorder first in their upcoming May 2nd 2017 Cthulhu Mythos Books Kickstarter campaign, this exciting debut novel by the author will be available in both ebook and trade paperback formats.


In 1975, young Bill Simmons is the new kid in New Milford. Bullied and struggling for acceptance, he meets four other boys who form the ‘the Cemetery League’, a group devoted to the weird, exotic and bizarre in movies, comics and television. Each boy carries their own secrets which combine to come to a violent and fiery conclusion in a lonely Connecticut forest.

Now, nearly forty years later, the events of that night come back to haunt Bill Simmons as, one by one, the members of the Cemetery League are targeted by an unknown force that may…

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