Nightmares — Another Great Horror Story Anthology from Ellen Datlow

The Sanguine Woods


Horror editor extraordinaire, Ellen Datlow, has been collecting and anthologizing fantasy and horror stories for four decades. Each collection brings a new focus to a new movement in the genre(s), brings together stories and novellas sharing a common theme, or anthologizes her “best of the year” decisions in delicious annuals (she’s already working on year nine!).

Datlow is, hands down, the place to turn to for the great short horror and dark fantasy fiction of our time. And I’m grateful to her for it.

20161029_174841This, her newest collection, Nightmares, covers horror over the last decade—from 2005 – 2015. It picks up where one of her very popular anthologies, Darkness, which covered horror from 1985 – 2005, left off.

Here is a sample of the first story, “Shallaballah” by Mark Samuels. It’s a creepy one. But then, these are supposed to give you nightmares…

Get this book. You’ll love it.



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