Excerpt: “The Word for Breaking August Sky” an Alaskan Ghost Story by James Sarafin

One of my favorite stories. Harder to find but so worth it.

The Sanguine Woods

common-loon-blue-fog-twin-lake-cook-co-mn-img_002870Photo: Gavia Immer

I came across a listing of this 2002 story in Ellen Datlow’s “Summation of the Year’s Horror” in the front of the The Best Fantasy & Horror of the Year, Volume 8, ed. by Datlow and Terri Windling. It sounded well written and was called a “ghost story” so I ordered a copy of the book it was first published in called The Mysterious North, ed. Dana Stabenow. Here is an excerpt.

‘He hadn’t seemed to notice the body, floating higher, less substantial than the air. But he had once told Tigges that Inupiats could see ghosts, that he had once seen his own younger brother, trying to talk to him. If Henderson couldn’t see this one, it must be Tigge’s own vision after all. But who? Always before he had been able to tell who was going to die, and how. And when. When he saw…

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