A Long-Lost Ghost Story by Sherlock Holmes Author! “The Haunted Grange of Goresthorpe”…


The Sanguine Woods

ms-4791-the-haunted-grange-of-goresthorpeOriginal manuscript, Page 1, in Arthur Conan Doyle’s hand. The story had been sent by Doyle to Blackwood’s Magazine for publication consideration. Blackwood never published it. It was found in 2000 in the Blackwood’s archives in Ireland. The story is now available to read free on the public domain.


Looking back now at the events of my life that one dreadful night looms out like some great landmark. Even now, after the lapse of so many years, I cannot think of it without a shudder. All minor incidents and events I mentally classify as occurring before or after the time when I saw a Ghost.

Yes, saw a ghost. Don’t be incredulous, reader, don’t sneer at the phrase; though I can’t blame you for I was incredulous enough myself once. However hear the facts of my story before you pass a judgment.

The old Grange used to stand on…

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