The Strack Family Murder-Suicide


When police arrived at the Strack family home in Springville, Utah to investigate the deaths of Kristi and Benjamin Strack and three of their children in 2014, they found a “to-do” list scribbled in a notebook. With notes on feeding the pets and finding someone to watch the house, it seemed as though the Stracks were getting ready to go on vacation.

But the dozens of pills and empty flu and cold medicine bottles littered around the home made it clear they hadn’t gone anywhere: all five family members had ingested a fatal mixture of drugs in an apparent murder-suicide. What led to the tragic deaths turned out to be more bizarre than investigators could have imagined.

According to the police, what led to the tragedy may well have began as far back as July 1984! It was during that time, that a man named Dan Lafferty murdered his sister-in-law and her baby—a murder he says had been told to commit by God.

Though Kristi Strack was just a child when the murders happened, by the time she reached adulthood, she had become obsessed with Lafferty. She and her husband, Benjamin, visited Lafferty often. Lafferty even claims he and Kristi were in love.

The Strack couple eventually pulled their kids out of school to homeschool them, and became increasingly obsessed with the idea of a looming apocalypse, speaking frequently to family and friends about “leaving this world” and its evils behind.

Unfortunately no note was found left behind at the crime scene, though police did later acquire a letter written by one of the Stracks’ sons to his best friend, bequeathing him some of his possessions.

This Creepville, USA case still remains a mystery…


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