“Abraham’s Boys” a Vampire Killing Story by Joe Hill (Stephen King’s son)

The Gothic Tower


Maximilian searched for them in the carriage house and the cattle shed, even had a look in the springhouse, although he knew almost at first glance he wouldn’t find them there. Rudy wouldn’t hide in a place like that, dank and chill, no windows and so no light, a place that smelled of bats. It was too much like a basement. Rudy never went in their basement back home if he could help it, was afraid the door would shut behind him, and he’d find himself trapped in the suffocating dark.

Max checked the barn last, but they weren’t hiding there either, and when he came into the dooryard, he saw with a shock that dusk had come. He had never imagined it could be so late.

“No more this game,” he shouted. “Rudolf! We have to go.” Only when he said have it came out hoff, a noise like…

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