“Why is water considered ghost-proof?” (1884)

Skulls in the Stars

Did the title of this post catch your attention?  It caught mine immediately when I came across the identically titled “letter to the editor” in an 1884 issue of Science.

As regular readers know, I occasionally like to browse the issues of old science journals looking for unusual content worth blogging about.  My search is almost never in vain — there’s tons of intriguing stuff out there that’s been mostly forgotten about.

Science was founded in 1880, and like many journals starting out struggled to find readership, funding, and cutting edge content (like Physical Review, that I’ve talked about previously).  Though a disadvantage for the magazine at the time, it is now a benefit for historical-minded bloggers like me, because many quirky results found their way into its pages.

Such is the case with, “Why is water considered ghost-proof?”, a short letter by Lester F. Ward that appeared…

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