“The Vacant Lot,” a Vintage Ghost Story by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman

I loved this. Creepy.

The Sanguine Woods

155147Freeman, Mary E. Wilkins. Collected Ghost Stories … With an Introduction by Edward Wagenknecht. Sauk City, Wisconsin: Arkham House, 1974. Octavo, cloth. First edition. 4155 copies printed. Freeman, a New England writer, best known for her regional fiction, wrote 200 short stories, of which the eleven collected here comprise all of her major supernatural tales. Only six of these stories are present in her 1903 collection, The Wind in the Rose-Bush and Other Stories of the Supernatural. https://www.lwcurrey.com/pages/books/155147/mary-e-wilkins-freeman/collected-ghost-stories-with-an-introduction-by-edward-wagenknecht#sthash.HJyL1b15.dpuf

The Vacant Lot

When it became generally known in Townsend Centre that the Townsends were going to move to the city, there was great excitement and dismay. For the Townsends to move was about equivalent to the town’s moving. The Townsend ancestors had founded the village a hundred years ago. The first Townsend had kept a wayside hostelry for man and beast, known as the “Sign of the Leopard.” The sign-board, on…

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