The Creepy “Hat Man” Letter

Wow. Creepville.

The Sanguine Woods

2016-03-28 21.44.46Mr. Hat Man by Sverrirorz (

♢ • ♢

Dear Heidi,

I was about 5 years old when The Hat Man started to visit me. Every night I would lay in the top bed of my bunk bed and watch as my door would crack open for him to creep inside. As high up as I was, I would still have to look up to see him and I would freeze in horror at the sight of him! He moved faster than anything humanly could, as he’d spring towards me. He would say, “One day I will have you.” Then he would put his hands around my neck and start choking me. I would sit straight up in bed and scream at the top of my lungs; then he’d just disappear.

My mom just dismissed it all. She had taken me to the doctor to try and get some help…

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