Don’t Miss Hex—a Novel of Witchcraft & Small-town Evil by Dutch Author Thomas Olde Huevelt … Immensely Entertaining & Quite Frightening

My favorite novel of 2016!! This witch is cool and creepy…

The Sanguine Woods

Picture_20160809_120202095What would happen were humankind able to plumb deep down…to the very root of evil?

In the 1600s, colonists discovered a witch in their midst. They forced her to do an unspeakable thing. They stitched up her eyes, and her mouth. They bound her in heavy chains and they drowned her.

But she came back. She haunted their town. She still haunts their town. And she isn’t leaving anytime soon.

The centuries pass…the 1700s, the 1800s, the 1900s…

You’re stuck there, too. And so were your ancestors. You don’t really have a choice.

Welcome to Black Spring.

Book+Review-+HEX+by+Thomas+Olde+Heuvelt!Now it’s the 21st century. Technology has made some very large leaps. Now, you can track the witch on your smartphone…and report her wereabouts via an app callex “Hex”. ‘Cause Kathryn Van Wyler goes where she will. And she stays as long as she wants to.

Its unsettling. But you can’t move her. You can’t…

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