7 Great Edwardian Ghost Story Writers

Add these writers to your “To Read” list for 2017!

The Sanguine Woods


While the weird tale and horror fiction existed in Britain long before the Edwardian Era (fl. 1895 – 1919), this period was certainly the zenith of supernatural fiction in the English-speaking world. Although the Victorians boasted a handful of truly excellent supernaturalists (Le Fanu, Riddell, Oliphant, Edwards, Broughton, etc.), the production of high-octane speculative fiction reached a high watermark during the years between Arthur Machen’s The Great God Pan and M. R. James’ “A Warning to the Curious.” This period was profuse with talent and vision. The weird tale virtually cut its teeth in the wake of the Decadent Movement, with a renewed fascination in the occult, the pagan, and the otherworldly rushing into the salons and intellectual clubs of London, Dublin, Edinburgh, New York, and Paris. The Edwardians rejected the sober piety of their forefathers, embracing lifestyles of oppulence, fashion, and society. While the masters of Victorian horror used…

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