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Meet William D. Carl’s wicked cool site where he brings some rare, creepy films to life for us. If you like horror, you will love this site. Show Bill some love and stop over there for a visit. Share some Likes and Comments, too. Supporting each other’s blogs and websites is important. Thanks, amigos!

‘This week’s feature presentation:


Welcome to Bill’s Bizarre Bijou, where you’ll discover the strangest films ever made.  If there are alien women with too much eye-shadow and miniskirts, if papier-mâché monsters are involved, if there’s a multitude of drag queens and camp sensibility, if go-go dancers in cages are featured, if your local drive-in insisted this be the last show in their dusk till dawn extravaganza, or if it’s just plain unclassifiable – then I’ve seen it and probably loved it.   Now, I’m here to share these little gems with you, so you too can stare in disbelief at your television with your mouth dangling open.”

I live for those moments where you find that delectably awful movie that is so wrong in every way . . . that it seems oh so right.  These are the films that make you laugh, consume more alcoholic beverages than you should, and that you force your disbelieving friends to watch over and over with you.  Such a film is WINTERBEAST (1992).  The blurb on the front of the DVD box (I cannot find an actual movie poster anywhere) proudly proclaims, “Must be seen to be believed.”  Never has there been so much truth in hyperbolic marketing.

The madness starts as soon as the movie begins.  A sheriff’s deputy walks into a room, sees his friend sitting there, and he asks, “Are you all right?”  The friend turns to face him and half his face is burned off!  He answers, “Yeah.  Why?”  Then, up springs a stop-motion monster with a skull head and squid legs.  His friend tears a part of his stomach off and eats it.  Then, the deputy wakes up much older than in the dream, and then a creature that resembles a rubber skull on a spinal cord pops out of some random dude’s stomach, looks up at him, and growls.’

Read more and explore Bill’s Bizarre Bijou here…



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